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Novopress ACO203XL complete with V15, V22, V28, V35, V42, V54 x2 Batteries Charger and Kit Box

Novopress ACO203XL Features

The pressing tool ACO203XL sets new standards in the area of compatible pressings. Versatile applicable – 12 –108 mm for metal applications resp. 14 –110 mm for plastic applications. In comparison to its predecessor its handling is easier due to considerable savings in weight – only 3.9 kg incl battery.

It is possible to use all authorised compatible jaws in the market with this tool. The XL-pressing tool of the new generation 203 makes faster pressings possible and achieves 40 % more pressing cycles per battery charge* due to its higher efficiency.

Novopress ACO203XL What’s Included

ACO203XL Novopress Gun

2 Batteries

1 Charger

6 Heads 15, 22, 28, 35, 42 &54 (V Profile)

Kit Box

Novopress ACO203XL Key Benefits

The Novopress ACO203XL offers the following key benefits

Lighter and handier*

12-108 mm with only one pressing tool (all materials)

40 % more pressings per battery charge*

Rotatable head

Back stroke limitation - fast pressing with compatible jaws by an adaptable piston stroke

Less need for maintenance due to new motor technology

Why The Novopress ACO203XL?

  • Highly efficient press tool

  • Perform tasks 3x faster than other pressing alternatives

  • No hot working needed

  • Designed for mobility

  • Press from tight angles with angled jaws

Novopress ACO203XL Servicing & Calibration

PressIT are 5 star warranty agents for Novopress in the UK. When you purchase this item on our store, you will have the following benefits.

  • Access to express Calibration & Servicing (with fittings payment plans)

  • 2 year manufacture warranty (serviced by us)

PressIT are authorised service agents for Novopress and are 5 star warranty agents. We can repair all Novopress press tools and press machines.

Regular servicing orders can take up to 3 weeks

If you have a press fittings plan included in your account or are signed up to our 0% interest finance plans, you will automatically be eligible for express servicing

Express servicing orders are completed within 5-7 working days

Press Fitting Plans For Your Novopress ACO203XL

PressIT UK is your go-to destination for all your press fit fittings requirements. As industry experts, we offer a wide range of press fittings packs to cater to your needs. By purchasing our packs, you can enjoy significant savings on bulk orders. Amazing value and savings of 4% to 14% compared to our regular website prices.

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Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
ProfileV Profile
Press Machine TypeACO203XL
Products specifications
Attribute nameAttribute value
ProfileV Profile
Press Machine TypeACO203XL