Benefits to Conex Compression Fitting


Our compression is WRAS approved and BSI Kite-marked unlike a lot of cheaper products in the market and comes with a 25 year guarantee.


Benefits summary

Multiple tube compatibility
Permanent, flame-free connection – no hot works permit required
Easy to use
Unique rib-nut design
Corrosion resistant
Component materials
Yellow brass
DZR resistant brass and red brass (gunmetal)


What are Compression Fittings used for?


Drinking water
Sealed heating systems
Open vented heating systems
Solar thermal systems
Chilled water
Rainwater harvesting systems
‘Wet’ fire extinguishing tube systems
Compressed air
Industrial and processing water
Natural gas installations
Liquefied petroleum gas installations
Fuel oil supply systems


Operating Parameters for Conex Compression Fittings


Liquids: Operating pressures of up to 25 bar at operating temperatures of up to 110°C (sizes 6mm to 54mm)
Operating parameters of 6 and 4 bar at operating temperatures of up to 65°C and 110°C respectively (sizes from 66.7mm to 108 mm)

Gas: Operating parameters of 1 bar at operating temperatures from -20°C – to +70°C

Compressed air: Operating parameters of 10 bar at operating temperatures of up to 45°C


Why Conex Compression Fittings


The compression fitting has been around since the 1940s with Conex Bänninger introducing the distinctive rib-nut compression fitting to the market in 1950.

Ribbed nut are Unique and clearly identifies the brand, and therefore the quality of the fittings. In the past if you requested a compression fitting you used to get a Conex fitting as standard.

A lot of County Councils still request/specify Conex

Conex Compress fittings are available in Brass or DZR, with many different fitting types, and in sizes from 6 mm right up to 108 mm ( FOR INFO.. some “cheaper” brands only do the “core” 15.22.28mm) or select the “volume” sizes, and a lot just do brass and do not offer DZR)

We also provide Chrome Plated and Nickel plated versions.

Full UK technical support and backup for the fittings. Not just a “supplier” of Chinese imported compression fittings products and manufacturer’s warranty / support etc.