When it comes to plumbing systems, the choice of fittings plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficiency and longevity. Conex Bänninger  are known to be one of the quickets and easy to use press fittings available in the market. Meeting the needs of professional plumbers and pressers since 1909.


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Conex fittings, renowned for their versatility and reliability, encompass a range of types tailored to meet various plumbing needs. Understanding these types is crucial for making informed choices in plumbing projects. Let's delve into the specifics:


Compression Fittings


Compression fittings are a staple in plumbing systems. They feature a simple yet effective design, comprising a nut, a ring (often known as a ferrule), and the body. The compression nut tightens over the ring, creating a secure seal. These fittings are prized for their ease of installation and the ability to form tight connections without soldering.


End Feed Fittings


End feed fittings are a popular choice for those seeking flexibility during installation. Unlike solder ring fittings, end feed fittings require external soldering. They are characterized by an open end that allows the pipe to be inserted easily. Once soldered, these fittings provide a robust and leak-resistant connection. Their versatility makes them suitable for various plumbing applications.


Push-Fit Conex Fittings


Push-fit Conex fittings represent a modern and user-friendly option. These fittings feature a push-to-connect design, allowing pipes to be effortlessly inserted and securely held in place by internal components. The absence of soldering or tools makes push-fit Conex fittings ideal for quick and efficient installations, particularly in tight spaces.


Why Use Conex Press Fittings?


Conex fittings are manufactured with high quality materials to ensure a permanently tight and secure connection, without the use of special tooling or additional sealant. Their fittings are designed to be flame free – so no hot working required. Fittings are also compatible with a range of press tools and jaws.



Advantages of Conex Fittings


The durability and longevity of Conex fittings make them a preferred choice. Their ease of installation, coupled with versatility in applications, sets them apart in the plumbing landscape.


  • Reduced installation time and cost
  • Flame-free connection – no hot works permit required
  • Unpressed joint indicator
  • Secure, permanent 3-point press up to 54mm
  • No soldering or brazing consumables required
  • Operating pressure of 16 bar at temperatures of up to 110°C


Applications of Conex Fittings


Conex fittings find applications in various settings, from residential plumbing to complex industrial systems. Their adaptability makes them a go-to choice for diverse plumbing needs.


Conex Copper Fittings Applications


Drinking water
Hot water heaters
Thermal solar systems
Local and district heating
Chilled and cooling water
Compressed air (classes 1 to 3  ISO 8573-1)
Industrial and processing water
Vacuum piping
Shipbuilding, PH 6.5 < 9.5


Conex Gas Fittings Applications


Natural and LPG gas
Compressed air with oil content
Compressed air (oil-free)


Conex Gas Fittings Applications


Drinking water
Sealed heating systems
Open vented heating systems
Solar thermal systems
Chilled water
Rainwater harvesting systems
‘Wet’ fire extinguishing tube systems
Compressed air
Industrial and processing water
Natural gas installations
Liquefied petroleum gas installations
Fuel oil supply systems




In conclusion, the choice of plumbing fittings should not be taken lightly. Conex fittings emerge as a reliable and versatile option, offering a combination of durability, ease of installation, and adaptability to various applications.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are Conex fittings suitable for DIY plumbing projects?

Yes, Conex fittings are designed for both professional plumbers and DIY enthusiasts, offering easy installation and reliability.

Do Conex fittings require regular maintenance?

Regular checks for leaks and cleaning to prevent corrosion are recommended for maintaining the longevity of Conex fittings.

Are Conex fittings cost-effective in the long run?

Despite a potentially higher initial cost, Conex fittings offer long-term savings and value for money due to their durability and reliability.

How do Conex fittings compare to traditional fittings in terms of performance?

Conex fittings often outperform traditional fittings, providing tighter seals, ease of installation, and versatility in applications.


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